Filippo Feroldi

Elvin Nabizade was born in 1986 in Bolnisi, Georgia. In 1990’s, he moved to Baku with his family. He graduated from the faculty of Sculpture in Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. Most of his works are sculptures and installations. His works focuses on self-identification and national culture.


He was a participant in a number of projects including From Waste to Art (2015, Gala, Azerbaijan), Origin exhibition (2014, Kichik GalArt, Baku, Azerbaijan), Semeni International Art Contest (2014, Heydar Aliyev Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan), Zavod exhibition (2013, Baku Air Conditioning Factory, Baku, Azerbaijan), Invasion (2014, Azerbaijan State Art Musem, Baku, Azerbaijan) and many others.


In 2017, Elvin’s two installation pieces “Under the Sun” and  “Sphere” were included in the Azerbaijan Pavilion of 57th Venice Biennale.


Elvin Nabizade’s works utilise the musical instrument as a symbol of diversity, tradition and multiculturalism in two installation works. The titular piece comprises about 50 Saz (traditional string instruments) arranged in the space to form a sort of rainbow shape snaking around the exhibition space. Nabizade considers not only the act of speaking but also music as a common language that unifies people and connects different minorities. The artist also offers a commentary on the disappearance of tradition and folk culture. Sphere is also composed of musical instruments, albeit a host of different ones arranged in a spherical shape hanging from the ceiling like an earth globe. Nabizade imagines thus a world of united nations coexisting peacefully and harmonically.

The two installations unfold by exploring the multicultural roots of Azerbaijan, where multiple ethnicities coexist and cohabit within its borders, with different traditions and cultural values.


Elvin Nabizade envisions a new installation “Sphere 2018” for our showcase at SCOPE Art Fair during Art Basel Miami Beach in December, where Elvin will compose the installation with one hundred twenty  folk instruments from four different continents and make it a true global sphere. Through this new piece, Elvin would like to continue his praise for music as a form of unity and harmony.