Past Exhibitions

Elvin Nabizade “Sphere” installation 

Presented by ART LEXÏNG  

May 28th - June 18th, 2019


Opening Reception:

Tuesday May 28th, from 7pm to 9pm  


1, Avenue Charkes Floquet, Paris 75007



Celebration of Azerbaijan Independence Day in Paris

through Elvin Nabizade “Sphere” installation


●     Azerbaijan Cultural Center in Paris  will host “Sphere”, an installation work by Azerbaijani artist Elvin  Nabizade previously exhibited at the 57th Venice BIennale


●     Elvin Nabizade will attend the exhibition in order to reach the creativity community, students, and media representatives in Paris. 


Paris, May 25th, 2019 – The Miami based gallery ART LEXÏNG, in collaboration with curator Konul Rafiyeva, with the support of Azerbaijan Embassy in France,  will unveil a special project entitled “Sphere”at the Azerbaijan Cultural Center in Paris to celebrate Azerbaijan Independence Day. 

In a few areas did Central Asians swept more dramatically beyond their Hellenistic Greek mentors and blazed the trail for later Europeans in music making and especially in theorizing about music. Long before the Islamic era, Central Asians invented the bow as a means of eliciting sound from a string; thanks to this invention, which quickly spread to China, India, and the West, Central Asia can be considered the genetic homeland of the violin. People along the old Silk Road shared one common language: music. 

Elvin Nabizade was born in 1986 in Bolnisi, Georgia. In 1990’s, he moved to Baku with his family. He graduated from the faculty of Sculpture in Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. Elvin Nabizade’s works utilize the musical instrument as a symbol of diversity, tradition and multiculturalism in two installation works. Nabizade considers not only the act of speaking but also music as a common language that unifies people and connects different minorities. The artist also offers a commentary on the disappearance of tradition and folk culture. Sphere is also composed of musical instruments, albeit a host of different ones arranged in a spherical shape hanging from the ceiling like an earth globe. Nabizade imagines thus a world of united nations coexisting peacefully

and harmonically.

For those eager to discover, “Sphere”exhibition will be on view at Azerbaijan Cultural Center in Paris from May 28th - June 18th, 2019.

Lexing Zhang, ART LEXING Gallery Director, said:

We are excited to present Elvin Nabizade’s Sphere to art lovers in Paris. Music binds people to each other. The outpouring of emotion it has brought is proof that despite the dark forces of division now aboard, we are all in it together. When nationalism is a rising threat, shared values and emotions make borders suddenly irrelevant. When politics is polarized, a love of culture has the power to unite.


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Elvin Nabizade (Azerbaijan)

‘Sphere’, 2018, installation, real music instruments,

dimensions variable

Diameter 180cm