Past Exhibitions

Threads of Splendor 

Curated by by ART LEXÏNG in collaboration with Ciento Once

and Elias Group to celebrate the Mexico Design Month. 


“Threads of Splendor” Showcases Dutch designer Henny van Nistlerooy—the namesake behind the Beijing house, Studio HVN’s Award-winning Rug Series “Eclipse” at Ciento Once

Ciento Once
Aristoteles 132, Polanco Mexico
On view through December 21st, 2019
Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm, Saturday 9am - 2pm

Installation view: Studio HVN

Eclipse Rug Turquoise 2.5 x 2.5m (8.2 x 8.2 ft) Tibetan Highland Wool 

Installation view: Studio HVN

Eclipse Rug Azul Diameter  3m (9.8.ft) Tibetan Highland Wool  

“Studio HVN’s Eclipse rug series weaves through Flemish heritage, Buahaus ideals, Chinese mythology together with Nepalese craftsmanship.  It is an extraordinary example of how poetic pieces are born when peoples and cultures come together,” says ART LEXÏNG founder and director Lexïng Zhang. “Good design is about making the world a better place and we are excited to present the series to a Mexican audience and hope to spark more cultural and design conversations and exchanges.”


Installation view: Threads of Splendor 

Each rug in the series is handmade in Nepal. Skilled craftsman meticulously labor over the pieces for four months, spinning yarn from Nepalese wool, dying the fibers, and hand knotting the material. The result is not just a high-end design piece but a veritable work of art imbued with centuries of expertise. The “Eclipse” rugs were first debuted at Design Miami 2017, where they became the hit of the fair and have slowly found their way into the homes of collectors and design aficionados around the world. 


Installation view: Studio HVN

Eclipse Rug Sunrise 3 x 3m (9.8 x 9.8 ft) Tibetan Highland Wool 

“Threads of Splendor” also features the work of Murano glass artist Filippo Feroldi. Working in collaboration with Colleoni Arte, Feroldi’s Magus is a light installation made up of twenty-five blown glass spheres and supported by long cables covered with sumptuous venetian fabrics—velvets, silks, linens all in a palette of colors. 

Magus  - Filippo Feroldi 

25 Murano blown glass sphere supported by cable covered with venetian fabric h250cm, diameter 190cm

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