Qin Weihong  

Qin Weihong Widely considered as one of the most talented, dynamic emerging artists in mainland China, Qin Weihong injects a hypnotic, dreamy melancholy into his life-size sculptures. Under the auspices of childhood fantasy and the mythic hybrids of animal and human, Weihong invites his viewers into a world torn away from politics, religion, cultural divides and the banality of everyday living.


His newest series, entitled 'Guardians', fuse young children (or adolescents) and forest creatures into unusual beings meant to provide a sense of protection and companionship: the 'invisible friend' we never had or the adorable critter we hoped would spring to life as soon as we left our bedrooms. The concept of 'cuteness' possesses a notable prominence in Asiatic (especially Japanese) cultures and over time has seeped into Western consciousness, as well. Weihong brings this dialogue into a visual, but rigid format in the form of vividly colored resin figures. Some have little flowers and plants sprouting from their heads, others gingerly peer out beneath rabbit ears or horned hats, while others wistfully float away on chairs tied to balloons. The artist seeks out these characters on the fringes of emotional comfort and in the depths rampant, prepubescent daydreaming. The 'Guardians', themselves, are extraterrestrial friends shielding our most precious, and often, our most forgotten psychological anchors: Romanticism, Life, Fantasy, Naievity, Beauty, Purity, Calmness and (ironically), Imprisonment.


Qin Weihong was born in Shangdong Weifang, China in 1985. He graduated from the prestigious China Fine Arts Academy in Beijing with a focus on Sculpture, and was awarded First Prize at the 2008 Graduate exhibition. Weihong has shown at the Xi Island Museum, the Songzhuang Art Village Museum and at Art Beijing, where his work was met with critical and commercial success. The Today Art Museum in Beijing will host Weihong's first solo exhibition in November 2012. The fifth edition of Art Asia in Miami (represented by ART LEXÏNG) marks Weihong's debut in the United States. Weihong lives and works in Beijing.












born in Shangdong Weifang, China   

Graduate from the Sculpture department of China Fine Arts Academy in Beijing Won first prize during graduation exhibition   

Qin Weihong solo showUpspaceBeijing, China   

Guardians with Christian LouboutinChristian

Louboutin HKHong Kong, China   


Art Beijing Beijing, China    

Qin Weihong solo exhibitionToday Art MuseumBeijing, China   

Guardians Art Asia MiamiMiami, USA   

Myth – phase 1Up spaceBeijing, China   

Myth – phase 2Up spaceBeijing, China   

Fairy taleUp spaceBeijing, China  

CFAA Graduation excellent exhibition CFAA Exhibition pavilion Beijing, China   

Object,non objectXiu Ceramic GalleryBeijing, China  

The gap between eyesight798 Times SpaceBeijing, China 

Cosmopolitan report CFAA Exhibition pavilionBeijing, China   

First China Sculpture exhibition Songzhuang Art village Museum Beijing, China   

China Energy Sculpture exhibitionXi Island MuseumBeijing, China