ART LEXÏNG is an international agency that strives to create platforms for young and emerging creative talent to display their work to new audiences. With bases in Shanghai, Paris, London, Mexico City and Miami,

ART LEXÏNG straddles over three continents, forming a new cultural Silk Road that facilitates the exchange

and dissemination of ideas and generates new avenues for collaboration. With an interdisciplinary approach—representing talent working in art, fashion, business, and technology—ART LEXÏNG fosters an open sense of community among an emerging global creative class, and introduces them to collectors, patrons, investors,

and multinational corporations that can take their work to the next level. 


Founded in Miami, FL, in 2010 by Lexïng Zhang as a traditional brick-and-mortar gallery space, ART LEXÏNG spearheaded the introduction of young voices from China and Europe to the city’s burgeoning art scene.

In 2016, Zhang employed her singular background and unique international exposure to expand ART LEXÏNG beyond the cloistered whitewashed walls of a gallery space to a global forum for creative enterprise.

Currently based out of Mexico City’s historic Roma Norte neighborhood, ART LEXÏNG actively curates and produces exhibitions, activations, installations, and events across the globe.