Nina Ahn

Nina Ahn is a photographer born, literally, on the spur of the moment. Compositions filled with flickering, dancing lights and high-definition color fields are a part of Ahn's continuously evolving practice. Rather than pursue formal studies in contemporary art, photography, or a related field after her university studies (she majored in Economics), Ahn spent a year traveling abroad with her fiancée to Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Japan before returning to Seoul to continue her experimentations with candid, primarily street-based photography. Her gentle, penetrating style possesses elements of quiet cinematic moments, inspired by literature and poetry, but also lends itself to a spontaneous, unpredictable spirit. Ahn's preferred subjects are young women and teenagers who, as she describes, emit a sense of purity in both attitude and appearance. More importantly, Ahn highlights a class of Korean youth choosing to explore experiences beyond the competitive worlds of undergraduate and postgraduate university studies: these young men and women harbor an immense curiosity about the larger world, traveling and interacting with new places and people beyond their own borders. That said, Ahn also personifies a growing generation of young Korean artists (as highlighted by Dazed & Confused in a recent online feature) who have found a sizable degree of economic success in spite of intense economic stresses on their national economy and the global financial climate, as a whole.


Nina Ahn was born in South Korea in 1980. Ahn is a self-taught photographer, who began working with the medium in 2005. Since 2006, Ahn has collaborated with publications and media outlets including GQ Korea, Dazed & Confused Korea, J.J. Magazine, and Around Magazine. Her work has been included in exhibitions staged at venues in Italy, Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Turkey, Canada, South Korea, and the U.S. She is represented in the United States by Miami-based gallery ART LEXÏNG. Ahn lives and works in Seoul.


Nina Ahn
b. 1980, based in Seoul. Korea 


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DdA Factory, Cagliari. Italy
In Your Face - Portrait Exhibition, Ruffian Gallery, Victoria, Australia
INEDITO Projection Art Show of Photography, Peña Gallery, Argentina
Milan Fashion Week 2013- Unpublishd selection, Corridor & Stairs by Mauro Grifoni
Useless, useless Collective show, Minneapolis, USA
Untitled, Cafe Roost Coffee, Brisbane, Australia
3pp Group show, Hibi cafe, Seoul
Foto8 Summershow, HOST Gallery, London
Monthly Disposables, EKKO in Utrecht, Netherland
Newcomers III exhibition, Edison Gallery, Istanbul
Style Impact, Lou Gallery, Seoul
Every Me Every You, MW Gallery, Seoul
KAFFNY Urban Gallery, 15 Young Artists Showcase, Newyork
Unpublished Magazine, Le Dictateur gallery, Milan
Small Victories, Little Mountain Gallery, Vancouver.
Small Victories, Above Second Gallery , Hongkong