Art Lexing presents new solo exhibition by Quentin Shih:

Dreaming In Cuban 

September 16 - November 10, 2015






Miami, FL: July 21, 2015


ART LEXÏNG is pleased to present the 2nd solo exhibition by New York-based artist Quentin Shih (Xiaofan Shi) entitled Dreaming In Cuban from September 16, 2015 to November 10, 2015.

The exhibition title is lifted from a 1993 novel by author Cristina García, recounting the experiences of three generations of restless, clairvoyant del Pino women navigating their passionate spirits in a rapidly changing physical and political landscape. Just as García allows the simmering passions of Cuba and its characters to surface, Shih’s photographic series (titled La Habana In Waiting) explores the unwritten tensions and melancholy residing in Cuban citizens who quietly sit for an artist's lens.

La Habana in Waiting examines of the polarities between expressive individuals struggling for identity within a Communist regime. The photographer, himself, hails from a similarly body in China; drawing parallels between both experiences living in a creatively constricted environment is essential for Shih. Through the process of envisioning and creating these photographs, Shih is asking himself – and viewers – a series of questions about the nature of representation, and how our imagination influences that representation.  “Is the Cuba of propaganda photographs more authentic?” he says.  “Or are the waiting and restless teens who grew up after the revolution more representative of reality? Both of these exist in my experience.”  His silent stages are populated by actors with no scripts, no direction: they exist in a kind of temporal limbo, captured in a film still.

 “I greeted and shook hands with each sitter but I was more interested in the process. We were both inquisitive of the other, wondering what exactly we were doing together.” Shih writes so on his tourist identity in Cuba.


Shih’s work takes on a new, more intriguing dimension as diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba have been reestablished after a nearly 50-year impasse: a period of “cold war” waiting has ended, while a more volatile, delicate period of waiting for international interaction with the island begins.


Quentin Shih is recognized worldwide for his theatrical, large format photographs which are subject to a rigorous composition and complex post-production process. His international breakthrough came in 2008 with his series Stranger In The Glass Box, a collaboration with haute couturier Christian Dior. Fashion models wear Dior haute couture and are sealed in glass boxes, inspected by small groups of identically-dressed Chinese bystanders. They resemble stereotyped characters from Communist propaganda posters, photographed against the backdrop of gritty industrial settings in northern China. The results are haunting juxtapositions contrasting harmonious uniformity against the fundamental beauty of uniqueness; a powerful response is triggered, where predictability proves to be both attractive and grotesque. His photographs are provocative manifestations rife with cross-cultural turbulence.




7520 NE 4th Ct Suite 106

Miami, FL 33138

Opening reception: Wednesday, September 16, 2015 6 – 10pm

General Admission: Monday to Saturday 11am – 6pm through November 10, 2015


For further information, press enquiries, images or interview requests, please contact:

Lexing Zhang – Gallery director/ ART LEXÏNG / 001 305 299 9732 /






About Quentin Shih

Quentin Shih (Shi Xiaofan) was born in Tianjin in 1975. He graduated from Southeast University in Nanjing in 1998 and participated in the year-long School of Visual Arts' (SVA) PhotoGlobal residency program in 2009. Shih rose to international prominence in 2008 with his celebrated series Stranger In A Glass Box, collaborating with French haute couturier Dior. Shih was the winner in the Fine Arts category of the 2009 Hasselblad Masters Award and was named 2007 Photographer of the Year by Esquire Magazine (China). Shih has participated in solo and group exhibitions at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, the Contemporary Art Galleries at the University of Connecticut, the Boca Raton Museum of Art and selected venues in Beijing, Brussels, Paris, Miami, Los Angeles, and Boston. Shih's work is held in the public collections of the 21st Century Museum Louisville in Kentucky, the Worcester Museum of Art and the Danforth Museum of Art in Massachusetts and the Christian Dior Collection in Paris. Shih lives and works in New York City.




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