L'appartement Wynwood

2500 N Miami Avenue 

Miami, FL 

Christian Richter

Abandon y Opulence

November 29 - January 20, 2017




ART LEXING Announces Solo Exhibition “Abandon y Opulence” by Christian Richter at L’appartement Wynwood, Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach 2016.



Art lovers of all around the world will have the opportunity to experience a special exhibition titled,

“Abandon y Opulence” on view from November 29th, 2016 - January 20, 2017 during the 15th edition of Art Basel Miami Beach. Curated by Lexing Zhang of ART LEXÏNG Gallery of Miami, L’appartement Wynwood will feature works by acclaimed German photographer Christian Ritcher, who grew up in East Germany and developed a certain fondness for derelict buildings after the fall of Berlin Walls in 1989.

 “Abandon y Opulence” exhibition is artist Christian Richter’s first exhibition in Miami. German photographer Christian Richter, 36, has spent the past seven years traveling across Europe, photographing the insides of decaying buildings. He is driven by a love for the patterns and textures he discovers. “They remind me that everything is impermanent,” he said. These sites were abandoned for a mix of known or unknown reasons such as lack of funding or their custodians not playing the tune of the authorities. The locations were as diverse as factory shop floors, chapels or theatres, and what they all had in common was that you entered them at your own peril. Once inside, you listened to their swan song before their collapse. In fact, in some instances you would have been safer entering the buildings at the steering wheel of a roofed bulldozer than on your own feet. Luckily for us, Richter did not think that way. Since then, Richter has gone further afield and spotted his locations in other countries. But regardless of their origin, Richter is fascinated by their inherent beauty.There they are—all decaying, cracking and overgrowing. You spot their flaking paint, rat infestation, rodding fabric and corroding staircases. Nature alone has always had a strong appeal to Christian Richter, but then there is something really fascinating about those other motifs. Simply, they are testaments to how nature always has – and will have – the upper hand in those interplays between man

and nature that we are referring to as buildings. True, we humans are destined to kill ourselves as a species in a desperate scramble for the last resources. But when we are extinct, nature will take over in one form or another. Just consider Chernobyl, and the amount of circumstantial evidence substantiates the claim and flips the coin from doom on the one reverse to hope and resurrection on the obverse.


The very reason these portrayals of abandoned buildings speak to us is that we somehow still feel the human presence within them. We sense that if only the walls could talk, there would be volumes of recorded conversations, tears and laughter.





































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About Christian Richter

Christian Richter grew up in an area that used to belong to East Germany. In 1989, after the German Reunification, he was free to travel about. And so he did extensively without a camera. However, he soon found plenty of intriguing sights on his home turf that he wanted to photograph. The photographer developed a certain fondness for derelict buildings, some of which could have been listed and preserved as cultural heritage sites, but which had fallen into irreversible disrepair. Christian Ritcher has been traveling for the past seven years to photograph abandoned sites in Europe and his works were featured in BBC, National Geography and Huffington Post. 



About L’appartment Wynwood

Designed to be the perfect image of an authentic Parisian apartment, our new concept store L’appartement located in Wynwood (Miami, FL) offers an exclusive range of home decor pieces, furniture, accessories and art. As a result of a creative mix and match that expresses the typical French ultimate chic, we’re never ostentatious, always balanced with vintage details. Rare items and noble materials paired with modern furniture design by forerunner makers. Everything here conveys a freshly French atmosphere.

Our main focus when we imagined what L’appartement should look like was to curate an effortlessly refined living space. Here we feature brands and designers that have never shown their work in Miami. Sometimes it’s functional and essential, sometimes it’s more fancy and coveted, but it’s always different and always exclusive. We are merely putting together inspirations and flairs that compose an eclectic portrait of elegance “à la francaise.” If you ever picture what a typical Parisian interior could be, you will get it straight away when discovering our selection. We wanted to give birth to an authentic, modern yet warm place. Every artwork sourced by our team can create a conversation, and each item is the beginning of a very personal narrative. L’appartement gathers a whole universe, combining timeless aesthetic with affordable and high-end design. We want to share our culture, open a window to our roots to offer a sneak peak into what they call “french art de vivre,” but more than that, we want to infuse it to the Miami way of life, mix it with the tropical chic flair of Florida in order to create a whole new blend that will only be yours.



For more information, please contact:

Lu Chengxiang

Lexing Zhang – Gallery director/ ART LEXÏNG

lexing@artlexing.com  / 001 305 299 9732

Christian Richter

Abandon y Opulence No.3



100X150 cm